“Ik inburger, jij inburgert, wij inburgeren…” No, that’s not right! But how should it be? Not many people are successfully passing their naturalization examinations. Since a new report was published last week, inburgering is once again a hot topic. New to the Netherlands has selected five videos for you about inburgering.

1. What's wrong with the naturalization policy?

In the satirical program Sunday with Lubach from the VPRO broadcasting company, presenter Arjen Lubach shows what he thinks is wrong with the policy about inburgering. In a humorous way he hits the nail right on the head.

Video inburgeren.nl in Arabic

2. How do you learn Dutch?

OK, language is just one of the problems that newcomers are confronted with. Because how can you learn to speak the language if you do not know the rules? Thanks to Alexander the Great there is a solution for this. Huh? Yes, watch and see! 

3. What is typical Dutch?

The lessons for inburgering are filled with information about what is considered to be typically Dutch.  Because people believe that foreigners must adapt to this. What are some of the Dutch values? And do they apply to everyone in the Netherlands?

4. How should newcomers adjust?

That inburgering is important is something everyone in the Netherlands agrees upon, even the newcomers. But how and up to what point? In this video you can see two different standpoints about how newcomers should adjust to the Netherlands.

5. Is there an alternative plan for naturalization?

The figures from the Auditor’s Room have revealed that the current method of inburgering does not work well. A new plan of action must be developed. Jos Wienen is the mayor of Haarlem and chairman of the advice commission Asylum and Integration. In the Nieuwsuur program he discusses what he thinks a new naturalization/inburgering policy should look like.