5 Questions about the Dutch royal family

1- Why is the Netherlands a monarchy?

Since 2013 the Netherlands has a king. His name is King Willem-Alexander. For years his mother Beatrix was the queen of the Netherlands with at her side her husband Prince Claus. In 2013 she abdicated the throne to her son Willem-Alexander.

That the Netherlands is a monarchy is due to the French occupation of the Netherlands from 1795 until 1813. You can see how that happened in this video.

2- Why is orange the national color of the Netherlands?

On holidays and during important soccer matches the Netherlands turns orange. Why is that? Why not red, white or blue, like the colors of the Dutch flag? This is because of a place in France: Orange.


3- How did King’s Day originate?

Since 2014 we no longer have Queen’s Day but King’s Day. Actually nothing has really changed. It is still a celebration for the people, including the flag with its orange banner, orange bitter and a hangover the next day.

4- Why is the queen’s husband not a king?

Queen Beatrix had Prince Claus at her side; King Willem-Alexander has Queen Maxima at his side. Why was Prince Claus not a king but Maxima is a queen? We are sure that a lot of Dutch people do not know the answer to this question.

5- "The king was a bit silly.”

The king is our head of state. Are you allowed to insult the head of state in the Netherlands? No, you are not. But that does not mean that you cannot make any jokes about our king. The Dutch love satire and our king is often the subject of this. Want to have a laugh?

History of King's Day

On 31 August, 1885 the first Princess's Day was celebrated in the Netherlands in honor of the fifth birthday of Princess Wilhelmina . The day was the forerunner of Queen's Day. In 1891 the first real Queen's Day was celebrated and after that grew to be a real celebration for the Dutch people. In 1948 Queen Juliana took over the throne from her mother. Just like her, Queen Wilhelmina celebrated Queen's Day on her own birthday: 30 April. When Queen Beatrix  took over the throne, she decided to continue to celebrate Queen's Day on 30 April out of respect for her mother. Since King Willem-Alexander took over the throne, we celebrate King's Day on his birthday on 27 April.

Source: Federal Goverment Royal Family