As a newcomer it is a great challenge to find work in the Netherlands. The manner in which you apply for a job is very different here. New to the Netherlands would like to help you. In these videos, all aspects of searching and applying for a job in the Netherlands are explained, and even give some suggestions about what to wear to your job interview.

1. Looking for job vacancies

So, you are looking for a job in the Netherlands. How do you go about doing this? In this video the possibilities for finding jobs are put into a row for you. But it doesn’t stop there…

2. Resume

Your resume is your business card. Employers decide within 20 seconds if they will read further or not. So listen to the tips in this video closely and follow their suggestions.

3. Social Media

Social media continues to play an ever-greater role in applying for positions. Potential employers search for your name via social media. You can also find jobs via social media.

4. Preparing for the job interview

Yes! Your letter of application and your resume have been well received by the employer. You are being invited to come for a job interview! You must be well prepared for this. How do you do that?

5. The first impression

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. So how should you present yourself during the interview? And what should you wear to this meeting?