Most newcomers may not choose where they can live in the Netherlands. It is not about whether someone like a house or not, but rather where there is space available. If you think that you are the only one who is unhappy with where they live then you are wrong.

A status holder has exactly the same rights as every other social renter.  Whether you are a refugee or not, the municipality makes no distinction in the housing that is offered. It is not true that refugees get a smaller house than the Dutch. Moreover, often refugees have more luck with the size of their home.

Trading houses? Is that possible?

As a refugee you do not have the right to choose your own house, but you do have the possibility to trade your house with someone else. The website woningruil is specialized in this. Visit the website to find out whether you are eligible to do this.

What other social renters don’t get, but refugees do, is a loan from the municipality to buy furniture and other household items.

Watch out! It is called a loan with good reason. You must repay this money. The money will be automatically deducted from your welfare payments.

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Many Dutch would also like to live somewhere else. The question is: how can you live in your favorite place in a small country with 17 million residents.

Would you like to live in Amsterdam?

If you want to live in Amsterdam, that will be very difficult. Because Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands and has 838.338 residents. And they too are all looking for affordable housing. So you have little chance of finding anything. Despite the fact that you might want to live in the city, you might have more chances in a village when it comes to making new contacts. Of course having the bus only come once an hour can be a pain!