Who can you contact when you've just arrived in the Netherlands? Which organizations can you turn to for information and help? An overview.


COA is responsible for the reception, supervision and departure (from the reception location) of asylum seekers coming to the Netherlands.

Dutch Council for Refugees

Refugees have a right to a fair asylum procedure, and subsequently access to adequate housing, education, health care and work. The Dutch Council for Refugees is an independent, non-governmental organization that defends those rights.


The Immigration and Naturalisation Service is responsible for the execution of migration policy. As such the IND decides on all applications of foreign nationals who wish to stay in the Netherlands or wish to become Dutch citizens.


The Foundation for Refugee Students UAF supports highly educated refugees. The foundations advises refugees about their choice of studies and counsels them while they are studying and looking for a job after graduation. If necessary it offers financial support.

Tax Authorities

The tax authorities are a governmental organisation that provides the levy and collection of taxes, customs and excise for the Dutch state.

Chamber of Commerce

What requirements need to be met to start a business in the Netherlands? What taxes do you have to pay? The Chamber of Commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) focuses on the most important aspects of successfully setting up a business.