The Netherlands has lots of nice places to visit. Have you already been here?

1. The Glass House in Apeldoorn

Up to and including Sunday December 24 the Glass House from the 3FM Serious Request will be in the center of Apeldoorn. Every year there is a really good atmosphere, and you can see the dj’s up close and dance along with everyone else on the square. Apeldoorn is also a great place to shop and walk around. 

2. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum was recently renovated. You can see beautiful paintings and objects there about the history of the Netherlands. Make sure you don’t miss seeing the Nachtwacht from painter Rembrandt van Rijn!

3. Amsterdam Light Festival

During the Amsterdam Light Festival (until 21 January) you can follow a walking route through the city. The route will take you past locations with many lighted works of art and lights. Tip! Dress warmly for this wintery, but wonderful evening walk. 

4. The Railroad Museum in Utrecht

Especially a good tip if you have children with you! By the Railroad Museum there is always something special, but is especially worth a visit during Christmas and New Year’s. Because it has been altered to suit the special holiday season. Your kids will love it!