The Day of the Volunteer: thanks everyone!

Thousands of people in the Netherlands volunteer every year for society or an individual. We have declared that 7 December is the Day of the Volunteer, and then we pay some extra attention to all of these people. Volunteer means that you do unpaid work.  Think about a language buddy or your budget coach. Would you also like to volunteer for the Dutch society? You can!

Habib from New to the Netherlands spoke with Iraqi architect Ayoub Choban. He is a volunteer at Miniworld in Rotterdam. In the largest covered miniature world in the Benelux he now makes models as a volunteer.

How can I find volunteer work?

There are different ways to find volunteer work.  You can Google the word 'vrijwilligerswerk' and then your 'woonplaats'. Not having any luck? Don't give up right away, because doing volunteer work makes your life in the Netherlands easier. You meet a lot of new people and you can really improve on your Dutch. Your neighbors will no doubt help you in finding the right website. You can also visit the site vrijwilligersvacaturebank. On this page you can sign up for what kind of volunteer work you are looking for and in what city or location you would like to do this. Good luck!

Can I become a volunteer as a newcomer?

Yes! Newcomers with a residency permit can start as a volunteer immediately.  If you do not yet have a residency permit, then you must request a volunteer's declaration from the organization where you want to volunteer. He or she can request that here.

What requirements must volunteer's work meet?

The work is usually unpaid, the organization is usually a non-profit one; the work is good for society. For example, working in a neighborhood center or taking a walk with the elderly.

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