11 videos that you can't miss

Are you looking for fun and interesting videos on New to the Netherlands? But you don't have enough time to look through the entire website? Here are the 11 most-watched videos especially for you in a handy list.

The NOS News

Of course you can watch the latest news on Al Jazeera or the BBC, but would you like to know how Dutch journalists report about news from home and abroad? Then watch the NOS News on New to the Netherlands along with many other newcomers.

Floortje back to Syria

Many visitors to our website have watched the program Floortje back to Syria. Floortje Dessing is a well-known Dutch television presentor, who makes many programs in other countries. Eight years ago she travelled to the then peaceful Syria. A few months ago she went back to make the same trip once again. The opinions of the newcomers about both programs are split. A good reason to watch them both.

Vincent van Gogh

Not only did our viewers enjoy the program about Vincent van Gogh, but also the programs about dikes, Europe and the Ramadan scored high as well. The television program 'The Apple Core' which made these episodes, started in 1988 and can be seen daily on Dutch television at 18:23 on NPO3.

Freedom of speech

In the Netherlands you can say almost anything. We call that freedom of speech. You have the right to demonstrate, you may give your opinion via the internet and as a journalist you are free to write what you want. And yet freedom of speech does have some limitations. More about this in the next clip.

The Reunion Special: The refugees from 2015 get back together

The Reunion is a television program in which normally former students from a class get back together after many years. They talk about their lives with each other. This time it is not about classmates, but about 22 refugees who arrived a year ago in the Netherlands. How has the past year been for them? Their stories are familiar for many newcomers.

The Netherlands from Above

Newcomers who want to know more about how the Netherlands is put together watch The Netherlands from Above.

The Predjudice Agency Utrecht

Being predjudiced: have a judgement or opinion about something or someone without knowing whether it is true. That is what the series 'The Predjudice Agency is about. In the episode 'Utrecht' it is about allochtonen (foreigners). You are an allochtoon (foreigner) if at least one of your parents was born abroad, but is that right?

Go Back To Your Own Country

In Go Back To Your Own Country six young Dutch people take the same journey many refugees have taken to reach the Netherlands. A series about why people flee.

How does the OV-chip card work?

The OV-chip card. Not only difficult for newcomers, but also for the Dutch. How does it work? Which card do you need? New to the Netherlands has made the following video and has put all of the information you need to know about public transportation in a list for you.

Love from... Hester and Dawit

Coming to the Netherlands for love is possible too of course. Dawit left his homeland of Ethiopia for the Dutch Hester. They are so happy to be together, but then things are just getting started. How will Dawit find a job and how is he dealing with all of the cultural differences? In Love from... you can see how difficult it can be to adjust to a new country. Something many newcomers will also understand.

Why do I need insurance?

Having health insurance in the Netherlands is manditory, but how do you choose the right insurance and how does it work? A difficult subject and many visitors to the website have watched the next video. Not seen it yet? Check it out.