When you are new in the Netherlands, then of course you must taste stroopwafels. Those are really tasty, typical Dutch cookies. So delicious, that you will become addicted to them. And have you had a croquette yet from the automatic vending machine in the wall? PS: We can make no promises about this being healthy.

How are those tasty stroopwafels made?

We have added subtitles to a film where you can see how stroopwafels are made. But it is even more fun to go to a street market and see how they are made. On almost every street market in the Netherlands there is a stroopwafel stall.

How is cheese made?

Something else that is typically Dutch is cheese. People say that you must eat a lot of cheese to grow more quickly or to have strong bones.  There are dozens of different types of cheese in the Netherlands. Would you like to know what cheese means to the Netherlands and how it is made? Then watch this video.

Another Dutch favorite: croquettes!

The Dutch eat some 300 million croquettes per year. Per person that is at least 25! Would you like to know how croquettes are made? That is explained in this video.