Having a date with a nice man or woman is exciting for everyone. Do you want to meet a Dutch man or woman? Here are 4 questions you will want to know the answer to!

 1. Give your date a gift: yes or no?

If you give someone a gift on the first date you might make them feel uncomfortable. You may give them the idea that you are expecting something in return. Our advice: do not. In any case, wait for a second date. This also applies to flowers; people do not bring them very often anymore.

2. Hold each other's hands: yes or no?

In the Netherlands, you generally hold each other's hands if you have a relationship. So hold on to that. It can be seen as a possessive act.

3. Who pays the bill?

On a first date, you are not required to pay the bill completely. Dutch women and men find it quite normal to share the bill with each other. But if you want to pay the bill, it will be appreciated. So: Not necessary, but you may.

4. Kiss on your first date: yes or no?

This question also involves Dutch people. Kissing on the first date is not unusual.

But if you consider it seriously with someone, our advice is: Tell the other person that you have enjoyed the first date and suggest having a second. Then you are letting her/him know that you are serious.