In 2017 it is 100 years ago that the art movement De Stijl (The Style) began. That is why there are exhibitions in various museums about this movement. Piet Mondriaan is one of the most famous Dutch artists from The Style. Watch this video and discover how many millions the last painting of Piet Mondriaan is worth.

What is The Style?

The Style is an artistic movement that began in Leiden in 1917. Artist Theo van Doesberg established a magazine which was also named The Style at that time. The artists who joined The Style movement were searching for renewed artistic expression. It is also known as ‘the art of leaving things out’. Would you like to know why? Then watch this video:

Who are the most famous artists from The Style?

The most famous artists from The Style are Piet Mondriaan, Theo van Doesburg, Bart van der Leck and Gerrit Rietveld.

Why is there now an exhibition about The Style?

In 2017 it is 100 years ago that the Dutch artistic movement The Style was founded. To celebrate this there will be numerous events and exhibitions throughout the Netherlands in 2017.

Where can you see the exhibition?

There are activities from Drachten to The Hague and from Utrecht to Eindhoven. Also the Mondriaan House, the birthplace of Style-artist Piet Mondriaan is taking part in the national program. Watch the overview.