Did you know that there are online platforms in the Netherlands where you can share things with one another? Such as Peerby.nl: on that platform for example you can borrow or rent a drill or bar-b-que from someone. Or Snappcar, a website where you can rent out your car? In the Netherlands we call this the share economy. Our colleague Jasmijn Alkemade from New to the Netherlands tells us all about it!

Jasmijn's best share tip:

"If you like to cook, then you can register with Thuisafgehaald. Every day on this website some 10.000 home cooks share their culinary skills. From hotch-potch to couscous. Everyone can register on this website with their dish(es). For a small fee someone from your neighborhood can pick up a meal from you. In this way, you no longer have to throw out extra food and you can earn some money from doing it too!"

Share platforms that you might not yet know about:

More than 10.000 home cooks in the Netherlands cook delicious meals every day. Look here to find a meal in your neighborhood, or offer to cook a meal yourself.

Are you curious about all of the items your neighbors are sharing? Then download the Peerby app and borrow everything you need from people in your neighborhood. Why buy something when you can just borrow it instead?

Are you driving somewhere? Carpooling with BlaBlaCar means that you can save on the costs and help others to travel cheaply.

Easily rent a share car of your choosing for a good price. Cheap, close by and a wide selection to choose from!

Would you like to borrow a bike? For example for people who are visiting you, or for family members? You can do this in Spinlister.

Are you looking for a chore, or do you have a chore that you can do for someone else for free of for a small charge? On the chore website Croqqer you are at the right address!

More platforms? Look at share.nl

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