The Tax Department collects taxes that must be paid by civilians and businesses in the name of the central government, such as income tax, corporate tax and vehicle tax. To collect these taxes the Tax Service has special powers. For instance, the Tax Department can seize your salary.

The duties of the Tax Department:

  • Claiming and collecting government taxes and premiums from national insurance;
  • tracking down tax fraude (by the FIOD, the investigative service of the Tax Department;
  • paying out income-bound  premiums for child care, rent and health care;
  • maintaining supervision on the import, export and trade in goods;
  • maintaining supervision on the realization of the fiscal laws and rules.

Doing income tax returns online:

10 million tax declarations per year

Per year there are nearly 10 million tax declarations made by citizens. The Tax Department is of course very busy around the time of declaration from 1 March to 1 May. Busy not only with declarations, but also with all of the questions people ask. People are very preoccupied with the topic and really want to know if they are doing it properly. Watch the video to see what else the Tax Department does. 

Watch the video