The collection drive of Giro 555 against hunger in Africa has raised more than10 million euros since 6 March. And there is more good news for the collaborating aid agencies: on 29 March there will be a national action held and broadcast on radio and television.
The first preparations for the actions being taken by schools, clubs, sports unions and citizens have already started.

This is the text that is spoken in this action clip:

There is a disaster happening. Millions of people are on living on the brink of starvation in South Sudan, Northern Nigeria, Somalia and Yemen. Children are dying from malnutrition. Just standing by is not an option. These people need your help now. With emergency aid we can help millions of people to survive. Save lives, give for food. Donate to Giro 555.


The need in Yemen, Northeastern Nigeria, South Sudan and Somalia is great. 20 million people are balancing on the brink of starvation. All across Europe, national campaigns are being set up to collect funds, according to aid organizations.
Due to the extreme drought, millions of people in the Horn of Africa are facing a famine. The Food and Agricultural organization of the UN (FAO) fears a catastrophy.
In the recently-ended rainy season, from October to November, there was barely a quarter of the normal amount of rainfall in the Horn of Africa, the eastern part of the continent.


From Somalia the UN's FAO has issued a "pre-famine alarm".
In 2011 more than 260.000 people died in a terrible famine. Somalia is the last country to have had a famine. Governments and aid organizations then adamantly said: 'This will never happen again.'
We cannot wait until there is another disaster such as the famine of 2011,' according to Maria Helena Semedo, vice-director-general of the UN's FAO.
And yet extreme drought due to climate change once again is threatening the lives of hundreds of thousands of Somalians. The number of children with acute malnourishment rose in February 2017 to 185.000.

Deadly combination

Oxfam Novib has stated that in the affected countries there is a deadly combination of climate change, drought, poverty and violence. With the funding drive to fight hunger in Africa, many people think back to that one big funding drive in 1985. With the16-hour-long concert Live Aid more than 150 million pounds was raised, much and much more than the approximate 1 million pounds that was expected.