It’s something language coaches and language buddies regularly encounter: Babel-like linguistic confusion or a simple inability to understand each other. That’s a shame, especially when it comes to important issues like politics and the coming elections.

The publisher Boom Uitgevers and Babel Talen have produced an educational letter designed to explain the Dutch political system to newcomers. The School TV videos used in the letter have all been subtitled by NPO’s New to the Netherlands

The subtitles for the videos are not only in Arabic, Dutch and English – as you would expect from New to the Netherlands – but also in Tigrinya, the language spoken by Eritreans. The videos deal with the Lower House of Parliament (Tweede Kamer), democracy, the monarchy, and how the Netherlands is governed.

Why not watch the videos together as language ‘buddies’? We are offering Boom Uitgeverseducational letter in Dutch, and we’ve produced a useful vocabulary list to go with it. The list contains key words from the letter in Arabic, English and Tigrinya.

Watch the videos from the educational letter with Dutch subtitles: