Since 1815 many Dutch citizens have received a royal medal during the yearly awarding of medals. This always takes place on the day before King's Day. The day in which many people will receive royal recognition for their special activities for society. 'It pleases His Majesty..." is the sentence that more than 2800 Dutch citizens will hear today from the mayor where they live. We call such a royal recognition a lintje. And because in honor of King's Day there are so many medals been awarded, we call this the 'lintjesregen' or 'rain of medals'!

Tattoo artist Henk Schiffmacher andT V-presentor Astrid Joosten both received royal honors today for their special work. Schiffmacher because he has made tattooing into an art form. And Joosten for her work for Oxfam Novib. Both were named as Knights in the Order of Oranje-Nassau.

Whoever wants to receive a royal recognition can only hope that their friends will nominate them, because you may not nominate yourself.