10 things that you'll recognizes when you are learning Dutch


That it is irritating when they keep talking about ‘de’and ‘het’: it’s a good thing isn’t it that you’ve made a Dutch sentence? ‘De’ or ‘het’, who cares!


That children’s programs are much easier to understand than programs for adults: long live the Jeugdjournaal! (Children’s News)


That there is a difference in the manner the Dutch pronounce the ‘g’: in the South they use a soft ‘g’, in the North a hard ‘g’.


That the Dutch sometimes look at you like you are crazy when you are trying to explain something in Dutch.


That the Dutch language has many sayings and expressions, and that people often use them.


The feeling that you must talk faster to maintain the attention of the Dutch. But you don’t want to make any mistakes. How?!


That the Dutch language has countless words with a double meaning: for example ‘voorkomen’. That word has 12 different meanings. Impossible!


That the Dutch talk fast when they think that you can understand Dutch. Take it easy!


Those damned vowels: saying ‘koken’ when you mean ‘keuken’. Saying ‘wie’ (who) instead of ‘we’.


Prepositions, they will drive you crazy! To the kitchen, in the kitchen. Something with the kitchen, that’s what we mean.