As a child of roughly 4 years of age, you begin at elementary school. What kinds of things can you expect?

Basic education

From your 4th to about your 12th year, you will attend elementary school. The elementary school has 8 groups. You begin in Group 1 and if all goes well, you will go up a group per year. Groups 1 and 2 are also called pre-school or lower school.

Groups 3, 4 and 5 are also known as middle school and groups 6, 7 and 8 are known as the upper school.

From the upper school to the secondary school education
In the last year of the elementary school, in group 8, you will be tested to determine your level by using a final test, like the cito test. The elementary school then gives an advice about which type of school is best; in this advice it states what type of subsequent education the elementary school recommends. Following elementary school, students can choose from four types of schools:

vocational school;
the vmbo (lower vocational education);
the havo (higher general secondary education);
the vwo (pre-university education).