If a party receives has received enough votes after the elections this party can then take a place in the Lower House. There are 150 places in the Lower House that we call seats. The more seats a party has, the more influence the party will have in the Netherlands.

Facts about the seats in Parliament

  • If a party has half of the seats +1, then the party has the majority and this party can become the boss over the Netherlands.
  • The majority is usually made up of two or more parties.
  • If more than the half of the members are for a proposed law it then goes to the Upper House or the Senate.
  • If more than half of the members are against a proposed law, then it will not take place.
  • In the Lower House the members of a party form a fraction or group. So therefore there are numerous fractions.
  • The size of the fractions varies greatly. There are fractions with only 1 member and there are larger factions with 30 or more members.

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