Do you want to get a telephone subscription today in which you would receive an IPhone7 or Galaxy S8? Then the provider might say no to your request. There are now new rules, which result in telephone companies having to check and see if you have enough money to pay for the monthly costs.

Your telephone subscription can turn into a loan, what does that mean?

What is changing starting today?
When you walk into a telephone shop or order a telephone online, in combination with a subscription, they will now look to see if you will be able to afford this. This will happen for all phones of 250 euro and more.

The provider will ask for information about how much you earn and what amount you have in monthly costs. With all of this information they will then look and see if you have enough money to pay for the phone.

What effect will this have on other loans?
If you agree to a telephone subscription for a phone costing more than 250 euro, your name will then be registered. Often these subscriptions are for one or two years. After this, you have paid off the phone and the loan will no longer have any effect on other matters. If you decide in the two-year period to buy a house, then you will not be able to borrow as much money for this.

What if I now cannot get the phone that I want?
If you only want an IPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Huawei or Nokia, then you can pay for the entire amount of the phone at once and then get a SIM-only account. If you think this is too expensive, you can pay for a portion of the telephone. It the remaining amount is below 250 euro, then there will not be any problem. Option three is that you get a cheaper phone.

Will this have an effect on existing subscriptions?
No. These rules only pertain to new subscriptions and renewals in which you buy a new phone that you will pay off over a set period of time.