At the end of the month of May the time will be here: then you will receive your vacation money! Of course you can save this money. But you can also spend it on nice things, like going on vacation!

These are some of the vacation destinations that the editors of New to the Netherlands would like to visit:


Arash has dreamed for years about visiting the pyramids in Egypt:

2. Road trip through Portugal

Kowfurow would really like to take a road trip through Portugal, from the city of Lisbon to Porto. Along the way he would like to stop and visit the historic city of Coimbra:

3. City trip to Berlin

Besan would like to visit her friends in Berlin this summer. She has heard many enthusiastic stories from them about the German capital:

4. Romantic Italy

Basel would like to take his wife and children to Italy. He has heard much about the romantic city of Venice and is curious about the ancient city of Rome: