Most newcomers are unable to choose where they would like to live in the Netherlands. The focus is on where there is space available instead of where the person would like to live. If you think that you are the only one who does not like the place where you have to live, then you are wrong. Many Dutch people would also like to live somewhere else. The question is: how can you live in your favorited place in a small country with 17 million residents?

Don't complain about where you live!

As a newcomer in the Netherlands you often do not have much money to spend. There is a good chance that you are therefore living in social rental housing. That is very nice because the rent from social housing is much lower than in a normal rental property.  And yet, perhaps you would still like to live somewhere else. That is unfortunately not very easy. There are not many social housing units available in the Netherlands. If you leave your residence voluntarily and want to move to another city, then you will have to go to the back of the line to await your turn. Because not only you, but also many Dutch citizens would also like to live in social housing.

​Something that you might not know is that there are many Dutch citizens who have been on the waiting list for many years for a social housing unit that you have perhaps been given right away. Think carefully before you make any decision to cancel your housing contract to see first if you will be able to afford something else! 

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