You can prevent pregnancy by using birth control. Birth control is also known as contraceptives.

In the Netherlands all women have the right to receive various forms of birth control. Dutch teenagers receive sex education classes at school about preventing pregnancy. For some newcomers these topics are taboo, but in the Netherlands it is a normal part of the educational process.

In this video it is explained how women can become pregnant and how you can prevent that.

Why is preventing pregnancies important?

By preventing that teenagers become pregnant or that your wife or girfriend becomes pregnant, social problems in society are prevented. Problems like child poverty, child abuse and neglect can be prevented.

Also some contraceptives insure safe sex. Be careful: Not all contraceptives prevent STDs (sexually-transmitted diseases). If you want to avoid getting any STDs, then you should use a condom during sex.

What methods are there?

There are numerous ways to prevent pregnancies. In order to choose the best method for you, you must first always discuss this with your doctor. The doctor has taken an oath of confidentiality: he or she may not reveal what you have discussed.

Therefore no one will be able to find out whether or not you are using a contraceptive.The most common method of preventing pregnancy is by using a condom, the pill or an intrauterine device (IUD).