If you are new to the Netherlands and become pregnant, you will be confronted with many new things. In the Netherlands there are other rituals and customs surrounding being pregnant and the birth of a child. You can get a complete idea about this by watching this episode of The Apple Core on giving birth.

The obstetrician and home labor

In the Netherlands a woman who is pregnant has regular visits to their obstetrician, a doctor specialized in pregnancies. The obstetrician monitors the development of the unborn child and how the pregnant woman is doing. The obstetrician also monitors and conducts the birth of the baby. Nearly half of the births in the Netherlands take place at home. And there is a good reason for this, as we can see in this video from The Apple Core about giving birth.


When the baby is born, the parents will treat their visitors to ‘beschuit met muisjes’ (Dutch rusks with candy-coated aniseed, or muisjes): for boys blue muisjes and for girls pink muisjes. There are slingers, or streamers hung in the window and sometimes there is even a model version of a stork placed in the front garden.

Maternity Care

If you have just given birth, you will receive maternity care in the Netherlands. You do not have to pay for this, since your health insurance company will pay for it. A maternity care nurse helps you in caring for your newborn baby and in receiving your guests. They also will do some of the housework.