Study with Besan

Tips from friends


I think that it is important to let your friends, acquaintances and family members know that you are looking for a course of study. They can then help you and perhaps offer some tips. Maybe one of them has done a similar course of study or knows of someone who can tell you more. It is always handy to share this type of information, because you never know where it will lead.

I did this too. It helps to get to know yourself better. You will get a good image of yourself if you ask your parents and friends how they view you. What do they think are your best qualities? Gather their answers and combine this with your own personal insight.

One of my friends is currently busy with their course of study. She has helped me further along by sharing a few tips with me:

1.      Think long and hard about what your goals and ambitions are. If you do not yet know what those are, then it will prove difficult to find a suitable course of study.

2.      As Heba already said, you can find a lot of information about various types of studies on the Internet. Choose a course of study that fits with your goals and ambitions. Do you still find this to be difficult? Do the interest test.

3.      Talk with a Dutch study advisor. These people are specialized in giving advice about courses of studies and can tell you whether the study you have chosen is realistic.

Contact the UAF. If you are a refugee, they will be able to offer you help. Because what the UAF does and what they can do for you can be seen in the next episode.