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Besan meets the director of the UAF


A large number of the newcomers in the Netherlands have fled from another country. That is why I thought that it was important to visit the oldest refugee organization in the Netherlands. The UAF organization was established in 1948. Every year they offer guidance and assistance to more than 2.500 refugees. What does the UAF do? What can they do for refugees? And what can they do for you? And what are the conditions for you to be able to register with them?

No one can explain this better than the director of the UAF, Mardjan Seighali.

In my vlog, Mardjan names some of the conditions needed to get the support of the UAF:

1. You are a refugee.

2. You are motivated to learn the Dutch language at a high level as quickly as possible. You must also have the capacity to study in higher education.

Do you want to continue your studies in the Netherlands and would like to know if you are eligible for support from the UAF? Do the Support Scan

More about Mardjan Seighali

Mardjan Seighali has been the director of the Foundation for Refugee Students (UAF) since 2013. In 1991 she fled from Iran to the Netherlands. She is a former student of the UAF

Want to learn more about the UAF?

You can find out much more information on the UAF website. Or watch this short clip: