Study with Besan

How can you register with the UAF?


The UAF supports refugees with grants and loans, to allow them to be able to study in higher education. The director told me about the conditions required to receive support from the UAF in an earlier episode of my vlog. If you meet the UAF’s requirements, how will they be able to help you further?

What does the UAF offer?

-         They give advice about language classes for well-educated refugees.

-         They guide you in the choice of your study and in the preparation of a course of study.

-         They offer advice and guidance during your course of study and in finding a job.

-         They offer the financial support you need to be able to study further.

-         The will represent your interests with municipalities, educational institutions and employers.

How can the UAF support you financially?

The financial support offered by the UAF is for college tuition, language courses, books, a computer, travel costs and other study-related costs. The financial support refugee students receive from the UAF is determined by his or her specific situation. Once you have completed your course of study it is expected that you repay the money or a part of it, to the UAF so that other students will also be able to receive support.

Want to learn more about the UAF’s financial support? You can read about it here.