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Nuffic rates your diploma


Many newcomers who have fled were unable to complete their educations. If they want to be able to complete their education in the Netherlands, they encounter the situation that their education is not the same as here in the Netherlands. It also happens that people were able to complete their studies, but lost the copies of their diplomas when they fled.

What can you do in such a situation? For the answer to this we visited Nuffic.

What does Nuffic do?


Nuffic is a Dutch organization that promotes the internationalization of the educational system. It stimulates Dutch students to study abroad. What Nuffic can do for you is to compare your foreign diplomas with those in the Dutch educational system. They will also look at your high school diplomas and any other education you followed after that in another country. This is how you will be able to find out exactly what your diploma is worth in the Netherlands.

What is the difference between the Dutch educational system and the educational system in other countries?

The differences between the various educational systems can be easily viewed on this website or by downloading the PDF file. Type the name of your country and look at the results.

Would you like to know more about Nuffic, then you should check out Nuffic’s website.


During my search to discover what my diploma was worth, I encountered something else. Pathfinder is made for refugee students and is available in Dutch and English.

With Pathfinder you will be able to find information about studying in the Netherlands. For example, information about the value of diplomas, about the UAF, and whether you are eligible for student financial aid and whether you will be allowed to work by the UWV (the welfare system in the Netherlands) while you go to school. The information provided by Pathfinder is official. And comes directly from the various agencies.

Check out Pathfinder.