Study with Besan

Visiting an Open Day


I have gathered a lot of information about studying in the Netherlands. Now it’s time to put words into action and visit an Open Day.

Why visit an Open Day?

In this phase you will be taking a closer look at which courses of study you might be interested in, and can gather a broad range of information about these courses. In this phase you will make a list of courses of study and sectors you are interested in.

The following test can help you in this: interest test.

Smart questions

During the open day you will only have a few hours to decide whether this course of study meets your interests. So it’s handy to take along a list with your most important questions. Here is an example of this.

Open Days in the Netherlands

Every course of study has its own Open Day. All universities make a schedule for the Open Days. Sometimes it will be necessary to register beforehand so make sure to find out what is required in plenty of time. If you are certain about which course of study you want to do, then it is easy to find the right Open Day here via this link.

Student-for-a-day program ?

If you find a course of study you like following an Open Day, then it is always good to see what the school is like during a Student-for-a-day program. Then you will be able to sit in on real university classes, you will be given a tour of the facilities and you can ask students about any questions you might have. In this way, you will be able to get a good idea about your chosen course of study.

Via the websites of the universities you can find out the dates of the Student-for-a-day programs and will then be able to register for these quickly.