Study with Besan



Why is this vlog so important for you?

“I am one of the newcomers working as an editor at New to the Netherlands. While working here, I’ve realized just how important it is to have a Dutch diploma. If you have received a diploma in the Netherlands, then it will be easier to find a good job with a good income later on.
For newcomers who are ambitious like I am and would like to continue their studies here, it is more difficult compared with students who were born here. It starts with the search for a course of study: which ones are available? Join me in my search, and I will explain the process step-by-step through what I have encountered along the way. Hopefully I will be able to answer all of your questions in my vlog.
In every episode I will discuss useful information I have gathered and that cannot be discussed in the video. Enjoy and good luck!”

Are you looking for a study in the Netherlands?

  • The Dutch language:
    It is important to pass the State Exams if you want to continue your education in the Netherlands. At this level you can register for various courses of study. Sometimes the university system is different and you will be required to take other entrance exams, but typically these are at the same level as the State Exams.
  • Your own interests:
    Many newcomers were unable to complete their course of study in their home country. That is why they then choose for the same course of study in their new country. Others have not yet attended university. It is very important to know what your interests are.

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Where can I study?

Would you like to find a university close to where you live that is offering the course of study you are looking for? Via this link you can find out more about all of the universities in the Netherlands and which courses of studies are offered.