Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about the online platform Net in Nederland:

1. How does the editorial staff of New to the Netherlands select the programs from the offering from the public broadcasting stations?

Following negotiations with the television stations involved with New to the Netherlands, attention is paid to which programs best suit the desired goals of New to the Netherlands. Does it fit into the naturalization exams which the newcomers must take if they want to remain in the Netherlands?  Does it give newcomers an image of Dutch culture and what the country looks like? Is there a mix between informative programming and programs that are more directed towards entertainment? New to the Netherlands wants to guard against creating a program schedule that is too ‘heavy’. In addition, the available rights to the programs also play a role in the selection process.

2. Why are there currently subtitles being offered in English and Arabic but not in any other languages?

Initially the choice was made to use the languages of English and Arabic.  English is a universal language and Arabic is the language which is spoken by many of the newcomers seeking refuge in the Netherlands. If it turns out that is visited often, then the editorial staff will take into consideration the possibility of adding other languages to those offered.

3. How can I contact the editorial staff for tips regarding programming or points in need of improvement?

We are open to tips and suggestions! The best way to contact us it through the email address, and we will then make every effort to contact you as quickly as possible by email. Another possibility to contact the editorial staff is by sending us a message via our Facebook page.

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